Final Fantasy XVI Demo lets you play the game’s prologue and Eikonic Challenge

In one of the best reveals of all Summer Games Fest, Square Enix revealed a playable demo for the latest Final Fantasy.

As part of the pre-launch celebrations, the demo is now available on the PlayStation store, letting you dive into the game ten days ahead of its June 22 release.

Even better, a second demo will unlock once you beat the first – a special battle mode – which unlocks an epic action sequence from within the game.

And better still, your progress from the demo will carry through to the main game, meaning once you finish the game’s prologue, you won’t have to repeat when it comes to launch day.

This is the latest mainline game in the series, following Final Fantasy 15 which launched back in 2016 and sees players take on the role of Clive as he lives a lifetime of war through the ages in Valisthea. You can download the demo here.

Final Fantasy XVI launches as a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive on June 22.

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