Godus v2.0.4 adds a brand new homeworld

Peter Molyneux and co are clearly in full update mode now. Godus v2.0.4 has released today and adds an abundance of new fixes. In fact, the update is so substantial that a brand new homeworld has been added to give a more substantial playground for the fixes.

Frustratingly, however, if you want to take advantage of all the new features in 2.0.4, you’ll need to delete your saves to restart your homeworld.

Here’s a video of Peter and Jack talking about the update and below that is the full changelog of updates in Godus v2.0.4



  • Brand new homeworld
  • New cards
  • Temples disappear on completion
  • Different abodes only on different ground types
  • Locking underwater sculpting
  • Added raft to events for reinforcements
  • Landscape colours updated
  • Town statue updated
  • Incomplete cards now show next to the timeline button in homeworld
  • Incomplete cards interface acts as shortcuts to timeline
  • New animations for followers
  • Brand new art and layout for the cards
  • Revised flow for the cards
  • Loincloths for your first two followers
  • Straw hut abode type
  • New belief collection tunes
  • Event mission music
  • CPU optimisation
  • New buried ruins
  • God beams from shrines
  • Tutorial polish
  • Water clicking visual effects
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • And much more!
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