Harry Potter Wizard’s Unite February Community Day unleashes Doxies and special Portkeys on February 23

One certainly can’t say that Wizard’s Unite is short of events this month, with a major Brilliant Event happening right now.

And before February’s out, not only will we get the second part of Lost Love but also a special Oddities Community Day on February 23, featuring the elusive Doxies.

Usually only appearing at dawn, the Doxies will be out in full force from 11am to 2pm in local time zones, along with every other Oddity on the Oddities II Registry Page. This includes Leprechauns, Erklings and Horned Serpents.

And to round out the page, you’ll also be able to collect and unlock special 2km Portkeys which contain the Horned Serpent Eggs you need to prestige the page.

The Community Day will also provide a Special Assignment where you can collect more Spellbooks and Gold, increased ingredient spawns for Trace Tonic potions as well as reduced brewing times to one hour. Master Note Effectiveness has also been boosted to 50%.

Interestingly, though, Trace Tonic duration will be slimmed down to 15 minutes from 30 minutes, but still include the same amount of Traces. This might be useful for those wanting to power through and prestige the page.

Excitingly, as well, you will receive a guaranteed Foundable Fragment when using any Runestone in Tower Chamber V or above in Wizarding Challenges, and guaranteed Horned Serpent Egg Fragments if you use an Oddity Runestone within the same parameters.

Sounds like it’ll be a busy Community Day. WIll you be making the most of it?

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