Heroes of the Storm will meet Alexstrasza through the Nexus

From today, an all-new Dragon Aspect will enter the Nexus in Heroes of the Storm.

Through till December 12, the Dragons of the Nexus quest has been added to the game where you can unlock the infamous dragon, Alexstrasza from Warcraft.

The dragon can form to rain flame fire down on friends and foes, serving as a powerful ally for the Heroes.

To complete the quest, you have to play five games to earn the Dragonqueen Alexstrasza Portrait, 10 games to unlock the Dragonstrike Portrait, and achieve 90 takedowns in winning games to receive the Stained-Glass Dragon Knight Portrait.

During this event, players can also unlock new skins, including Dark Queen Alexstrasza, and Dragon Aspect Alexstrasza. There’s also new skin variations for Cho’gall, Varian, Kharazim, Samuro, Kael’Thas, Medivh and Chromsie.

There’s even Alexstrasza emoji packs to be had!

The update is available to download now.


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