Hollow Knight Grimm Troupe DLC out now on PC

Grimm Troupe, the second free content update for Hollow Knight is out now on PC.

Following on from Hidden Dreams which released earlier this year, Team Cherry have now added Grimm Troupe in time for Halloween.


Players will summon the Grimm Troupe and get a new quest line, as well as boss fights, new NPCs and an additional ally. There will also be new charms, music, enemies, and more.

The custom Map Markers will now come in a later patch as they need some additional testing, and Mac and Linux users will need to wait a few extra days due to some last minute changes. There are some new languages added, though, including Russian and Brazillian-Portugese.

The Grimm Troupe is the second of 3 free content packs coming to Hollow Knight with the 3rd aiming to be another, big thing.

Switch and PS4 versions are also scheduled to arrive at some point soon.




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