If you thought Mr X was bad, Nemesis reminds us we’ve seen nothing yet

So the past two weeks have been pretty incredible for games with Nioh 2, DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing.

But April isn’t slouching either, with the exciting Final Fantasy VII Remake finally launching and a little game called Resident Evil 3.

Two remakes of two iconic PlayStation 1 games in the space of a few weeks. It’s fitting, really, and with both getting new demos, it’s a reminder of the quality coming our way.

And, oh boy, the Resident Evil 3 demo is both an excellent reminder of just how good last years’ Resident Evil 2 remake was, but also how terrifying Nemesis really is.

Let’s put this in simple terms, if the demo is anything to go by, and you loved revisiting Claire and Leon’s polie station excursions last year, then RE3 is an essential purchase.

In fact, despite the incredible lineup of games on tap, it’s probably still got a shot at being one of the games of the year.

This time around, you’re playing Jill Valentine, last seen partnering with Chris in Resident Evil 1. Accompanying Jill is newcomer Carlos Oliveira who is a hired mercenary.

The demo mostly just puts us in the guise of Jill – which is just fine, because she’s great – and has us fight a few zombies, unlock a safe, try out the shotgun and then meet up with the big guy.

It’s a nice flavour of everything, to be honest. Graphics, voice acting, gunplay, puzzle-solving. The demo does a great job of reminding you the game exists and it’s going to be very good.

Mr X was a scary fella in Res 2, skulking around the place, smashing up everything in sight. He would chase you down corridors, kick down doors and lay into you with brutal haymakers.

Nemesis is a whole other breed of animal, though. The demo gives you a taste, but from what we hear, the beast is going to constantly be in your face. He makes zombies, can grab you at range, is obviously stronger than you, but he’ll also be faster, and has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal.

Oh, and he can break into some safe houses in the game, just when you thought you were out of harm’s way.


Nemesis can’t be killed throughout the game, though can be staggered and knocked back. That’ll at least give you time to run and find somewhere to hide. If there is anywhere to hide.

As such, the tension is all there in the demo, the limited ammo you’re used to with Resi, swarms of zombies, tight spaces and risks behind every corner. And of course the threat of the big guy lumbering around.

Different from Res 2, though, is a new quick step which lets you duck out of the way and slow down time briefly if you time it perfectly. It’s a nice fit and definitely going to be helpful in a pinch.

The demo is well worth downloading if you haven’t already, as it gives you a good twenty minute slice of the gameplay. Of course, if you want to go in completely cold, we’ll just say this is shaping up marvellously.

Nemesis is going to terrify a whole new generation of gamers, and horrify those of us who lived through it last time with a whole host of new mortifying tricks.

April is going to be bad ass and we’re absolutely not ready for it.


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Brad is an absolute horror buff and adores the new take on I.T. He also fancies himself as a bit of a Battle Royale master but never when anyone's watching.
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