Immortals of Aveum adds Ancient Relics of Aveum DLC pack and more with Digital Deluxe Edition

An all-new EA Original is dropping next month and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Immortals of Aveum is a first-person magic shooter that stars Darren Barnet, lead in the upcoming Gran Turismo movie and an American Pie Alum.

The starring cast is a story-focused adventure all about saving the world and could just be this years’ sleeper hit.

The game comes in two different editions, with pre-order content also available if you so choose. By pre-ordering, you’ll get

  • Purified Arclight
  • A unique blue sigil that will unleash more power for Jak’s blue Strike spells
  • Shatter Fury spell

With the Deluxe Edition, you’ll also get the Ancient Relics of Aveum DLC pack, which adds even more content to the game. And if you pick up that edition, you’ll get…

  • Triarch’s Wrath – can be equipped as either Jak’s red, green, or blue sigil and boosts critical hit damage.
  • Immortals Ring – increases Shred against all three colors of magic.
  • Ring of Rasharn – increases spell damage for all three colors of magic.
  • Aristeyan Ring – boosts Fury damage for all three colors of magic.
  • Bracer of the Colossal – bestows increased Armor and Healing Crystal recovery.
  • Sky Island Gauntlet – increases Armor and Shield Health, while decreasing Dodge cooldown.
  • Dresnyr Lens – increases Spellbreak damage and boosts the overall power of red magic spells.
  • Lucian Chain – increases the overall power of blue magic and decreases the cooldown of Lash control spells.
  • Vial of the Pentacade – increases the duration of Limpet control spells and boosts overall green magic power.

Immortals of Aveum launches August 22 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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