Jagged Alliance 3 DLC Free Updates coming include modding and Bobby Ray’s Store

Following the announcement it’s coming to consoles, Jagged Alliance 3 is also set to get a ton of free DLC updates.

While there’s no set timeline for the updates, they all add a ton of awesome features which really completes the wider experience.

Beginning with Update 1.2, there will be some major combat quality improvements, include knives and other items being more salvageable, ricochet bullets hitting and causing collateral damage and improvements to melee animations.

Update 1.3 – Bobby Ray’s Store will be one Jagged Alliance fans will know, adding an in-game store into JA 3 where you can buy weapons and equipment.

Update 1.4 – Satellite View Improvements rebalances some of the operations, enhances Sector Stash Interface and Improves Conflict Screen Interface.

Finally Update 1.5 adds in Quest and Map Modding Tools. You can even create new campaigns or rebuild the original JA games in JA 3.

It sounds like there’s also more to come in the future, which is even more exciting.

Jagged Alliance 3 is out now on PC. It’s arriving on consoles November 16, 2023

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