Kao the Kangaroo “Oh! Well” Spooky DLC launches on October 13

An unexpected, spooky DLC is launching for Kao the Kangaroo ahead of halloween.

On October 13, the oddly titled “Oh! Well” DLC will launch across all platforms and add five new playable Eternal Wells, which unlock five unique scary skins.

These five challenges are intended to be super difficult, all with a Halloween flair, and throw in some costumes for the trouble. All for the cost of £5.49.

Additionally, Kao the Kangaroo is getting ‘A Well Good Bundle’ that includes the base game and all DLC released so far, including Summer Drop and Top of the class, as well as Oh! Well. This will launch for £28.99.

Oh! Well releases for Kao the Kangaroo on October 13 across all formats.

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