Kingdom Come: Deliverance getting stretch goal free DLC in future

Warhorse Studios have confirmed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will receive promised stretch goals as free DLC in the future.

During the games’ Kickstarter, there were stretch goals for a playable female character as well as a dog companion. While Warhorse Studios are currently still focused on polishing the game with fixes and patches, they will also release this additional content as free DLC.

And believe us, there’s plenty to fix! Check out our review to see what we’re talking about.

Warhorse Creative Director, Daniel Vavra, confirmed on Twitter.

“We said a year ago that dog companion and female characters quests are gonna be delivered as free DLC for backers as well as other stuff. And that is still true,”

“Currently we are already working on animations for the dog and tournament is partially scripted and will also be part of some future DLC.

He goes on further to say.

“So only thing that we said is, that we are currently focusing on patches and polishing the game. We will deliver these things later, but currently we don’t have any exact dates set in stone.”

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