League of Legends: Champion and Skin Sale

This time, the roster for the champion and skin sale acquaints for Junglers and Laners. Now there’s no need to feel left out.

Have you ever wanted to kick some virtual butt whilst playing as a blind monk? Well, now might just be the perfect time to do so. The League of Legends champion and skin sale has just rotated and this time there are quite a few goodies on offer.

Firstly I’ll cover the champions:

  •  Olaf – 395RP
  • Rengar – 487RP
  • Lee Sin – 440RP

Not bad if you ask me. I, for one, was looking to purchase Lee Sin so I could become master of the jungle.

Finally, I’ll cover the skins that are on sale:

  • Lee Sin – Acolyte Lee Sin – 487RP
  • Nocturne – Frozen Terror Nocturne – 487RP
  • Malphite – Obsidian Malphite – 487Rp

Again, quite a nice variation there. Just remember, if you want to purchase any of the champions or skins, you will need to use RP as IP is not included in the sales. This means you’re going to have to part with your hard earned cash if you want to take full advantage of the sale.  

RP can be purchased in various amounts from the launchers’ store. The sale will start on the 26th (tomorrow) and will run till March, so you have a bit of time to get that RP ready.

That’s about it. Get back to work summoners, there are minions to slay!



(source: LoL Official Website)

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