League of Legends Patch 3.9 is in full swing

League of Legends has yet again been updated, this time the changes include a new passive for Draven  and a re-worked Oracles Elixir.


League of Legends patch 3.9 is now live and boy, are there some noticeable changes.

Draven, one of the ADC’s in the game, known for his early game trades and high damage output, has received a new passive to help balance out his damage output, both early, and late game. Dravens’ new passive is as follows:

When Draven catches a Spinning Axe, or kills a minion or monster, he gains one stack of Adoration. When Draven kills an enemy champion, he consumes half of his Adoration stacks and gains 3 gold per stack consumed. Draven loses half of his Adoration stacks upon death.

In addition to this, the Oracles Elixir, no longer expires on death and now expires after 4 minutes.

Although these are the main changes in the patch there are a few more that should be taken note of. Head over to the League of Legends website to see the full run-down of changes. 


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