Marvel’s Midnight Suns Season Pass will include Deadpool, Venom and more

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is just a few short weeks away and we’re now starting to learn more about life post-launch.

Announced today, a spate of popular Marvel characters will be included in the Season Pass post-launch with various stories introducing the characters into the game.

There will four DLC packs in the Season Pass – contained within the Legendary Edition of the game and each one is centred around a particular character.

In DLC Pack 1, Deadpool joins the fray, with Venom arriving in DLC 2. He serves as a boss in the main game but will be a fully playable hero in this content.

For DLC 3, Morbius brings his unique brand of entertainment to the game while Storm of X-Men fame rounds things out with DLC 4, with players able to use her unique abilities to control the weather.

All DLC packs will contain story missions, as well as new skins and outfits and upgrade for the Abbey.

Further skins are also available via the Legendary Premium Pack at launch, such as Spider-Man’s Demon Spider skin, Captain America’s Future Soldier skin and Blade’s Blade 1602 skin.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns launches across all platforms on December 2.

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