mClassic graphic upscaler now being distributed in the UK

The uniquely powerful mClassic graphics processor is now more openly distributed in the UK with Centersoft.

This fascinating plug-and-play device can upscale graphics of any video game across a wide variety of formats, from Nintendo Switch through to the Dreamcast.

The resolution can go up to 1440p with ‘built-in anti-aliasing, enhanced color depth, sharpening and increased depth of field’. All with ‘no lag processing.

The device works on any native HDMI output device, but also retro consoles when ‘the A/V signal is converted to HDMI via an adapter’.

mClassic has three different modes for various types of play – Scaling off, Scaling On and Retro Game Mode and is now more easily available in the UK through Centersoft as a local distributer.

mClassic is now available at the following retailers – The Game CollectionShopTo, 365 Games and Amazon.

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