New Super Luigi Bros U launches this Thursday

Following on from the massive launch of Animal Crossing last week, Nintendo have another major week in-store. This time, for Wii U.

New Super Mario Brothers U arrived at launch for the Wii U and has gone down as one of the most popular games on the system. But this week, Nintendo will reinvent the game completely, changing all 82 courses and customising them so they are tailor-made for Mario’s younger brother, Luigi.

Arriving this Thursday, New Super Luigi Brothers U will launch as a digital download. A boxed copy of the game will follow and is set to release July 26th.

Luigi is capable of jumping higher than Mario, but he finds it harder to stay in control and stop moving once he’s started. In multiplayer, players can also assume the role of the frustratingly nimble, thieving rabbit, Nabbit. The bunny doesn’t take any damage either, so is a perfect fit for newcomers to the series.

In order to play the content, players must own New Super Mario Brothers U and have it updated to patch 1.3. Then, at midnight on 20/06/13, the Nintendo eShop will enable players to download New Super Luigi U for £17.99.

This takes downloadable and additional content to a new level, and is quite a new thing for both Nintendo and other developers. We’ll have coverage for Luigi’s latest later this week.

That green plumber is sure keeping us busy in 2013!

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