Nova: Liberation of Cadena content update now added to MapleStory

Nova: Liberation of Cadena has finally been added to MapleStory and adds a ton of new features to the game.

Maple World has evolved with a new original character, Cadena, as well as fifth job skills for all character classes, new gameplay additions, events, achievements and more.

Cadena is a thief and the sole survivor of the brutal Magnus’ attack on the Heliseum royal family. Raised by Shadowdealers, she uses luck and agility as she prepares to strike back at those who did her wrong.

The Fifth Job Skills have also been unlocked for all class types, including Warrior, Magician, Pirate and Bowman and there are new skills such as Ethereal Form and Overdrive.


The Nova update has also added an increased character slot count of up to 42 characters per world, item drop confirmation and Maple news. There’s also a Maple Achievement tracker feature which analyses progress across levelling, exploring, questing and more. You can gain achievement ranks and unique rewards.

On top of all that the Spirit Savior Daily Dungeon returns in addition to unique events where you can collect Nova Boxes and fight intense monsters.

MapleStory and its update are both free to download for Steam and PC right now.

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