OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC Review

OlliOlli World is one of this years’ best surprises and presented a really refreshing direction for the series.

For the most part, tricks and grinds make up most of your activity, but there’s fun spins on gameplay with alternate routes and characters to interact with.

Yet it’s the DLC that really stretches the creative possibilities for the franchise even further and represents the best time we’ve had yet.

How to Play

Once purchased, ‘Marinara Sauce Trench’ will appear on the in-game map in the top left of Sunshine Valley. To access it, you’ll need to have reached and completed the first level of ‘Burnt Rock’ which is ‘Home Sweet Home’ where you learn Grabs.

Once unlocked, complete Marinara Sauce Trench as it teaches you about Wind Zones and you’ll be able to hop on the banana boat that will take you up into the clouds and into the Flowzone.

Finding the Flowzone is the second and final piece of DLC for OlliOlli World, introducing players to a whole new terrain set high up in the clouds.

The main change in gameplay here is Windzones which can send you soaring through the skies at a faster pace, cause you to spiral upward and even change direction during a course.

If there’s one thing I love it’s added momentum and speed in games like this. But the concept also suits the quirkiness and pace of OlliOlli World perfectly as you soar across billboards, over toxic sludge pools and whizz past pizza slices.

The end goal is to reach Radlantis, a layer hidden so deeply in the clouds most think it’s a myth. Except our bunch of skaters, of course. And to make matters worse, B.B.Hopper, Frogger’s evil cousin, ripped up the only map there is and sent it scattering into lots of pieces.

It’s up to you to find every piece of the map across the various courses in the Flowzone layer to keep unlocking more areas and eventually reach Radlantis. Then you’ll be able to brag about your discoveries to all of your friends back down on the ground.

But to do that you’ll need to master the Wind Zones, along with the usual kickflips and tailgrabs you’ve been fine-tuning over the past few months. And wind really adds so much to the experience. It’s also surprisingly responsive, handles well and enables you to move around courses in ways you haven’t before.

These also let you pull off complex, neat tricks that can really boost your multipliers as you hit heights you didn’t think this game could reach. This also opens up new routes on the courses that are both Gnarly and Burly. One very difficult, one incredibly so. Ultimately, both of these are brutally difficult, among the hardest experiences you’ll find in the game, so if OlliOlli World was already kicking your ass, this probably won’t be for you.

But if you do dive into this DLC, you’ll also have the most fun you’ve had with the game yet. The wind currents send you all sorts of ways, throwing you around at will, turning each course into mini rollercoasters.

It really is an absolute trip. Your palms will be clamming up the whole time, your heart racing, your mind working overtime trying to memorise everything you’ve learnt while hoping for a bit of luck all the same.

For me, this is the best of OlliOlli World and I loved racing through this DLC, chatting to the characters, exploring its stunning layers and trying to master the courses as best I can.

But if you’re still not sold, Flowzone is also among the most colourful, both in terms of the layers you ride through and the cosmetics you can equip. You’ve got some of the weirdest-looking boards I’ve seen yet, like a piece of parchment and a scroll. Then there’s some lovely tye-dye shirts, swirly longsleeves, and wacky trousers. You’ve got to look the part floating through the clouds.

As for environments, Flowzone does a beautiful job of mixing up its layers and keeping the experience refreshing, different and unique. Vibrant greens, dull greys, cottony, sweet scenes, it’s a beautiful piece of content that just melts the eyes in 4K.

This may be the final piece of DLC for OlliOlli World but it’s undoubtedly the most creative and enjoyable. It’s OlliOlli at its absolute best and I cannot wait to see what comes from Roll7 next.


Finding the Flowzone is a blast! Each track plays out like a skating rollercoaster, experimenting with the wind mechanic in smart ways. Across the five layers, the difficulty stays finely balanced, and the journey to Radlantis, for the most part is a good one. My favourite memories and moments in OlliOlli World came from this DLC. 


+ Windzones are used to great effect and have enough variety to stay fresh and interesting throughout Radlantis
+ Each track is an adrenaline rush
+ Difficulty is finely balanced with Burly Routes offering toughest challenges yet.
+ Nice customisations


– Challenge is really brutal if you want all map pieces

OlliOlli World: Finding the Flowzone DLC Review

8.5 out of 10

Tested on PlayStation 5

Code kindly received from Private Division

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