Pikmin 3 DLC?

There are a lot of ways Nintendo could expand the existing game.

Bingo Battle could obviously receive new maps and potentially other characters as well as other enemies and fruit, but I highly suspect we will stick with what we’re given in the boxed copy.

As pertains to the Story, it’s possible some DLC missions and challenges could be added into the game as sub-stories. It would be nice to see unexplored areas of the map and potentially use existing Pikmin in new ways. Nintendo could even introduce new Pikmin in this way.

Mission Mode, on the other hand, has to be a shoe-in for some form of DLC down the road. With bonus missions, several medals to be awarded, multiplayer support and various mission types, I don’t know why Nintendo wouldn’t want to bolster this in the future.

UPDATE 23/07: Iwata and Miyamoto were interviewed by Itoi today and made some interesting comments around DLC possibilities for Pikmin 3.

The key quote is…

“So, using the internet [the team] thinks it’d like to add new missions and maps to the game little by little.”

Can we take that as confirmation? It’s probably all we’re going to get at this point but it’s certainly encouraging.

To read the full, un-translated interview, go here

We’ll be sure to update this page with any announcements and link to any coverage we put together. For now, DLC for the game hasn’t been confirmed in any way, but we wouldn’t be surprised if some does get announced. Nintendo are counting on Pikmin 3 to push the Wii U sales in a big way. Additional support post-launch could certainly help with that.

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