Planet Zoo Conservation Pack DLC adds amur leopard, siamang and more

Planet Zoo is doing its part to raise awareness around some of the world’s endangered species.

In a new DLC – the Conservation Pack – you can add five new additions to your zoo. The scimitar-horned oryx, amur leopard, Przewalski’s horse, siamang and axolotl can now be brought in, all five considered at risk.

Available now for £7.99, you can also try out a new scenario which takes players to the Turtlerock Wildlife Orphange, tasking you with rescuing, documenting and eventually releasing as many species as possible.

You’ll also get over 150 new scenery items, foliage and props, like fig trees and responsibly sourced wooden sheds.

All of this arrives alongside a free content update for the game which adds Group Photo Options, new behaviours for animals, small habitat gates, signs and more.

Planet Zoo’s Conservation Pack is now available on Steam for £7.99.

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