Pokemon Rumble U comes exclusively to eShop

The first Pokemon game for Wii U has been revealed and will be released next month, exclusively for the eShop. Pokemon Rumble U launches August 15th.

The game is focused around the Toy Pokemon shop where a few Pokemon capsules have been swept down a river and washed up on a riverbank. The small Pokemon must find their way back to the toy shop. However, on their journey, they discover Pokemon are starting to fight each other.

All Pokemon will be included in the game (all 649 of them!) and will feature all their familiar moves.

Players can play alone or solo, moving through various locations, such as Sparkly Playland, Mysterious Forest and Blue Sky Park.

The more Pokemon defeated, the more the player can befriend. The game has various surprises and power-ups to share, including ways to strengthen a team, restore health or cause damage. The game will also feature Giant Bosses. Players will need to use the GamePad to set off Touch Bombs when fighting multiple foes.

Four players can play together and in multiplayer battles. There is also cooperative play where you can ally together to bring down the real big-bads.

This will be an exclusive eShop release and will hit August 15th. There is no word on pricing at this time.

Nice Nintendo surprise! Another big game for Wii U before the busy holiday season. Suddenly the system’s library is getting filled with major releases.

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