Powerwash Simulator gets some Spongebob Squarepants DLC this Summer

Perhaps the biggest surprise crossover for the game yet, Power Wash Simulator is going to Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob and friends.

Following content set in Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy, this crossover steps outside of the realms of Square Enix and sees a SpongeBob SquarePants Special Pack launch for Power Was Simulator this Summer.

Available for $7.99/£6.49, players will be able to take a trip underwater in a style remincisent of the series and built in collaboration with Nickelodeon.

Six new maps will be added to create a mini campaign with the PowerWash character getting a ‘marine makeover’ and a custom-designed power washer.

Maps include Conch Street, The Bikini Bottom Bus, The Krusty Krab; The Patty Wagon; The Invisible Boatmobile and The Mermalair. You can also claim ten new achievements with this pack.

And it seems FuturLab have even more surprises for us this year, with a roadmap of content yet to come in Q3 and Q4.

PowerWarsh Simulator is out now on all formats.

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