Prey does some important Typhon Research in new video

Bethesda have released a new Prey video today, this time showing the alien forces that have infested the Talos I Space Station.

The informative video tells you all about the Mimics, Weavers, Telepaths, Phantoms, and more.

We learned about the Mimicking Objects power in an earlier video, but now we can see the types of enemies we’ll need to fight, as well as other powers.

Players assume the role of Morgan Yu, a man at the centre of various experiments which are said to improve the quality of human life, but now finds himself face to face with a slew of terrifying creatures.

The game looks and sounds fantastic, and considering it comes from Arkane Studios, we have high expectations. We loved Dishonored 2, you know.

Prey hits May 5th on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.


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