Primal Carnage lets you Get to Da Choppa for free

Lukewarm Media are set to provide all you Dino hunters with a free DLC pack, containing a few new features that can prolong your hunting experiences.

Primal Carnage, a game where the focus is PvP combat that relies heavily on strategy between your team, has received a free update that will allow players to test their killing skills. The update features an old map that has been revitalised and a completely new one.

Get to the Chopper contains Downpour and the newly edited Docks. 

Downpour is set in a rain swept Jungle and the aim is for players to escape. To do this, they must radio in a chopper and then, appropriately, get to it. But it wouldn’t be Primal Carnage if there weren’t a few dinos lurking around. When trying to reach the chopper, the new Spinosaurus dinosaur won’t make it easy for you. The Spinosaurus won’t appear until the very end, but will definitely be a major problem because of his one-hit kill bite attack.

The DLC was originally going to be released in November, but has suffered a few delays. Then again, who can complain when you get something for free? If you already own a copy of the game on Steam, the DLC will auto-install. If you don’t own Primal Carnage, it can be bought for the relatively low price of £11.99.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy and “Get to daaaa choppaaaa!”

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