Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Demo is Now Available on all formats

If you’ve been seeing all the fantastic scores for Prince of Persia and want to see what the fuss is about yourself, your wish has come true.

Today, Ubisoft have released a demo across all major formats for the game, giving you an early glimpse of the adventure while adding ‘carefully selected sections from the game’.

Ubisoft have also provided early unlocks of some of the powers and amulets so you can get a good feel for the mechanics without having the story spoiled for you.

As a result, some content will differ from the full game. The Lost Crown is set in a ‘mythological Persian world’ as players head to ‘Mount Qaf’ in this latest adventure.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown launches beginning January 15th if you have the Digital Deluxe Edition. It fully launches on January 18th for all available formats, as well as Ubisoft +.

The demo is available now on PC, PS, Switch and Xbox.

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