Resident Evil 4 DLC Seperate Ways Confirmed for September 21, VR Version coming this Winter

Resident Evil 4 launched to big fanfare earlier this year but the best seems yet to come.

The long awaited VR version for PlayStation VR 2 is set to drop this Winter, but it’s also been confirmed via Sony’s State of Play a standalone DLC – Seperate Ways – is coming before then on September 21.

Seperate Ways is the long-awaited DLC story retelling of Ada Wong, the enigmatic frenemy of Leon Kennedy. Players will run through Ada’s story, which happens alongside Leon’s adventure.

We see Ada throughout the base Resident Evil 4 adventure, now this DLC will surely show how and why she shows up when she does.

This will surely be a spin-off from the original Resident Evil 4 DLC of the same name, but as with the RE4 remake, will probably go in its own direction.

In addition, there will be an update to Mercenaries mode on September 21 which adds Ada and Wesker in the game as a free update.

Resident Evil 4 Seperate Ways releases next week on September 21.

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