Rock Band DLC will stop in April

In a surprising move, Harmonix have today announced that Rock Band DLC will be coming to end in April.

The weekly schedule of content ends in April, concluding after 275 consecutive weeks with over 4,000 songs released. Harmonix admits that they want to focus their resources on other projects. There are ‘several new titles’ currently in development at Harmonix and in order for development to move ahead, Rock Band can no longer be a priority.

April 2nd will see the release of the final weekly DLC for Rock Band. No word on what that is as yet.

While there is no content currently scheduled beyond April 2nd, we still have DLC releases lined up for the next few weeks, including the remaining tracks from Rock Band Blitz, several Pro Guitar upgrades, and a handful of artists who have not yet appeared in Rock Band. We’re incredibly proud of the DLC milestones we’ve set, especially producing the largest music library of any game available, and we wouldn’t have been able to release as much outstanding content without the support of our amazing comm

The current Harmonix sale has now been extended which offers 50% off over 1,100 songs

Despite this, Harmonix have said they will continue to support the forums and website

“Whether you waited in line for a midnight release of Rock Band over 5 years ago, or you just joined the party with Rock Band Blitz… whether you’ve downloaded every single song we’ve ever released, or you’ve just played on disc songs until your neighbours moved away… whether you’re a metal shredder, or a bubblegum pop singer… thank you for being a part of our band.”

It’s definitely the end of an era. It does, however, make sense with the next-generation of systems incoming. What are your thoughts?

(source: Rockband)

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