Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse is getting a remaster and releasing August 14

The final season of Telltale’s Sam & Max series is getting a remaster and coming to current platforms.

Releasing 14 years ago – crumbs, that makes me feel old – the game was originally only available on PS3 and PC, but will soon be available on Switch, Xbox, PS5, Steam and GOG.

Releasing August 14 from Skunk Ape Games, this is part of a five year project from the team of ex Telltale staff to bring the classic Sam & Max games back for the current generations and follows remasters of the previous two seasons.

The Devil’s Playhouse will benefit from updated graphics, as well as lighting, lip-sync, cinematography and music. In addition, the team have gone further still with this remaster by overhauling the environments, adding new detail along with cut content while adding various quality of life fixes to the entire season.

A feature previously only available in the PS3 version – The Nutri-Specs – have also been made available for all players, along with a more comfortable user interface and new point & click mouse controls and accessibility settings.

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse releases August 14th

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