SEGA are locking New Game + for Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth behind Master Vacation DLC Bundle

Eagle eyed reporting via Reddit and PC Gamer suggests some controversial choices are being made for Infinite Wealth.

This week sees the return of Ichiban Kasuga in the Like a Dragon series and it turns out the title ‘Infinite Wealth’ goes further than many of us first realised.

The game has three different editions – Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate – and it turns out that if you want to experience the game’s New Game + mode you have to have the Master Vocation Bundle. The only way to own that? Picking up the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

This is such a bizarre decision, considering most games these days bundle that mode in at no extra cost. Recent examples include God of War: Ragnarok, Alan Wake 2, Spider-Man 2. Heck, it could apply to just about any game on the market.

But I have to say this is a new one on me as SEGA seem to expect players to pay for the mode as part of a bigger bundle. Though some are saying this isn’t the first time SEGA have done this with the series in Japan. 

As someone who rarely dives into New Game + in general, this probably won’t affect me, but the whole practice is definitely not something that should be normalised and in fact, it’s not really a good look at all.

While we’re hearing Infinite Wealth will be a massive game, with a whole mini game that is rumoured to be the equivalent length of the base game itself, there’s plenty of other things that can be monetised and this doesn’t feel like one of them.

Regardless, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will release this week on January 25th across PC, PS and Xbox.

(Source: PC Gamer / Reddit)

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