I Am Setsuna on Switch gets exclusive Temporal Battle Arena

When the Switch launch line up became common knowledge, many bemoaned the lack of titles, and others were concerned that the rest were rehashes of existing titles.

I Am Setsuna was among them, a Square Enix RPG that seemed to slip through the cracks on other formats. This has actually found a welcoming home on Nintendo’s hybrid system and has even inspired Square Enix to invest more time in the system.

And a new update for the game on April 13th proves that as the Switch version of the game will receive an exclusive mode that can’t be found on any other system.

Entitled the Temporal Battle Arena, once players finish the main story they will be able to enter the Temporal Battle Arena from the Last Lands and fight against other guardians that have completed Setsuna’s pilgrimage.

This party vs party update will see you fight another team to win rewards that can be used in the main game, including weapons and power ups. Check out the trailer for more info.


What seems like a minor update is a hugely positive and interesting move from Square. Couple this with the ‘Top Secret’ project the director of Chrono Trigger has just embarked on, it seems like Square’s infatuation with Nintendo’s new hardware goes way beyond talk.

Don’t worry Setsuna fans, I’m sure this is just a timed-exclusive and everyone will get a slice of the pie soon enough.


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