Sonic Colors: Ultimate remasters the Wii original on September 7th

Sonic Colors is coming back and will be available on a bunch of new formats.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Hedgehog in a solo game and this remaster will give fans an opportunity to try a game that often gets overlooked in the franchise.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the blue hedgehog, adding new features to the game, such as a complete visual overhaul. The game is now in full 4K and runs at 60 FPS.

A Rival Rush mode has also been included where you can race against Metal Sonic and gain unique rewards.

In-game tokens have been implemented now as well which lets you purchase in-game items like new patterns for shoes and gloves.

Finally, there’s a new Wisp Power, the Jade Ghost, which essentially lets Sonic run through walls to access hidden areas.

This, of course, on top of a bunch of fixes and quality of life updates from Blind Squirrel Entertainment, who are handling the port and updating it for all modern platforms, which is a trickier proposition than it sounds considering the game’s Wii heritage.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate looks great and any chance to play this cracker of a game again is fine by us!

Sonic Colors: Ultimate releases September 7th on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

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