Super Lucky’s Tale visits Gilly Island in new DLC

Seems today is a good day for unexpected DLC as Super Lucky’s Tale has received Gilly Island, a brand new story-driven expansion pack.

Costing $4.99, this pack has dropped unexpectedly on the Window’s Store and adds a whole new chapter to Lucky’s story. It will contain new challenges, puzzles, foxholes and obstacle courses. There will also be an opportunity to meet both new and familiar characters in the game.


The blurb reads…

Fresh from his victory over Jinx, Lucky is looking forward to a day off but the Book of Ages has other plans. Lucky is once again sucked in, this time emerging in a tropical paradise known as Gilly Island. Despite its beauty, it’s quickly apparent that something strange is happening on Gilly Island. Lucky learns that singer Lady Meowmalade has hijacked the island to throw the greatest party ever seen as she celebrates the release of her latest single. Now, Lucky must rescue the island and its vacationers from Meowmalade’s chaos before it ruins their fun and ultimately wrecks havoc to all the worlds within the Book of Ages.

Developer Playful did recently tease either a sequel or expansion just over a week ago. However, nobody quite expected something this soon.


To make things more interesting, Super Lucky’s Tale will be joining Xbox Game Pass this month, alongside Rare’s upcoming swashbuckler, Sea of Thieves and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Bear in mind, if you don’t own Super Lucky’s Tale and have only played it on Xbox Game Pass but you purchase the DLC, the additional content will still be yours should your subscription end but you would need to buy Super Lucky’s Tale to play it again. You would, however, receive a discount on the game because you’ve already technically invested in it.

Super Lucky’s Tale – Gilly Island is available to download now for $4.99.

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