Thimbleweed Park Ransome Unbeeped DLC exclusive for Steam and GOG

In a hugely unexpected announcement today, Thimbleweed Park has received some DLC as Ransome Unbeeped becomes available exclusively for Steam and GOG.

The content doesn’t add any new story to the game – more’s the pity – but instead unbeeps all of Ransome the Clown’s beeps, meaning you can listen to the whole game without a single annoying high pitched blare.

Personally, for $1.99, it’s more than worth it as that *beep* can get *beeping* annoying! Watch the trailer if you don’t believe me, it’s heavenly. And maybe even a little bit therapeutic.


We can also confirm that there are no plans to release Ransome Unbeeped on any other format due to ratings issues. Sorry console owners, you’re just going to have to *beeping* suffer.

What’s that you say? Not played Thimbleweed Park yet? What the *beep* is the matter with you?! Read this and get buying.

What you can get hold of, though, is the new Thimbleweed Park Vinyl Soundtrack,, which looks absolutely gorgeous. All you have to do is own a RecordTron 3000 and away you go. Alternatively, you do get a download code if you shoved it up in your attic for “safe-keeping”.

Ransome Unbeeped is now available to download.

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