Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass Vol 2 DLC all due before December 31, 2021

Fighters Pass Volume 2 is now available on the eShop, sold as a bundle or with individual pieces of DLC.

Announced during the recent Smash Direct where Sakurai revealed Byleth as fighter 5, we now know 6 new fighters will come to Smash Bros Ultimate.

Now that Byleth has released, all attention has turned to the future and Nintendo have finally listed the highly anticipated season pass.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 costs £26.99 and includes all six upcoming Challenger Packs as well as the bonus Ancient Helm and Gear for Mii Fighter costumes – suitable for Swordfighters.

Individually, you can also get each Challenger Pack for £5.39 each and interesting the listings on the eShop have them down for planned release dates of 2021.

Each Challenger Pack will include one new fighter, one new stage and music tracks with further details to be announced periodically.

The listings also tell us that all of the fighters will be released by 31st December 2021, which might mean we don’t hear about Fighter 6 for quite some time.

Naturally, this is just a placeholder timeframe so they may be out way before that. But this time there are six DLC packs to get through between now and then, so the frequency in which challengers in Fighter Pass 1 were announced might well be slowed down for Fighters Pass 2.

Rumours are running wild as to who will be added this time, with names like Crash Bandicoot, Dante, Doomguy, Master Chief, Sora and more among the most speculated.

Whoever it might be, you can put your name down for Fighter Pass 2 on the eShop now.

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