Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge – Dimension Shellshock – How to survive Survival

You may have seen we quite like the new DLC for Shredder’s Revenge, giving it a rare perfect score.

What do you mean you didn’t read the review yet? I’m appalled, go check that out right now (If you want to, no pressure…)

Anyway, the point of this is to help YOU. And we know Survival Mode is rough, so here’s a few tips that worked for us…

#1 Find your Fighter

Probably the most obvious thing on here but also the most helpful, trust me. You’re gonna want to find the fighter you’re most comfortable with. And if that’s not newblood Usagi or Karai, that’s totally fine.

For me, I actually went right in with Usagi, but I also had the backup of Donatello and both worked out pretty well for me in different ways. There’s a lot of enemies coming at you, plenty of pitfalls you can die to and some enemies are harder to kill as certain fighters. Be mindful and selective, each roster member has their strengths and weaknesses.

#2 Don’t get too overconfident

Again, probably an easy one but by trying to whizz through the stages, you’re setting yourself up for a quick death. And remember, you only earn anything from each go if you’ve managed to unlock a crystal. Even if you’re halfway there, you get a big fat zero.

So if that means taking a pizza instead of a crystal at the end of a wave, do it. And this feeds into my next point.

#3 Be the bad guy

Yeah, I said it. Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady can kick some serious shell, Bebop, in particular, is a beast, with his bullet spread across the screen.

Shredder can be a little glassy and his power move is slow to charge, but up close, he’s a menace.

And Rocksteady can charge and literally throw grenades in a cluster which has devastating impact.

All I’d say, any chance you get to play as the anti-heroes, do it. This is also a safe way to ‘die’ in the early stages and not actually lose any health or your life in battle. It’s almost like getting an extra credit in the machine you didn’t know was there.

#4 Build up those crystals

This can actually help you within the Survival Mode, which feeds into my first point about finding the fighter you’re most comfortable with. Because the more progress you make, the more crystals you unlock, the more perks and bonuses they’ll have when starting out.

This can be an Extra HP Hit point. You might unlock a new color palette. Or even an extra life, which could be an absolute gamechanger to your prospects.

Balance out completing those crystals and crossing dimensions but being careful and playing safe.

#5 Learn the maps

Yeah, captain obvious strikes again perhaps, but each of the short maps in the game is worth learning as they’re all vastly different. Some you can fall off the edges, some you fall in the middle, there’s one where you’ve got conveyor belts going above and below you with random exploding barrels passing by.

You should look to use these to your advantage, but equally keep their pathways and roadmaps in your head as you move between areas. This can help you figure out what environmental advantages you have. Equally, what dangers await you.

#6 Bring some friends

I mean, it’s more fun for starts but also it can massively help you in teaming up together to fight through the game’s toughest content. And the best part is you can do this online, depending on where you’re playing. So you’re not reliant on having couch co-op buddies.

But the more heads, obviously means more enemies, but at least you’ve got more of you watching each others backs.

Take these tips into account and we reckon you’ll be flying in Survival Mode.

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