TERA Online gets Battle for the Corsairs’ Stronghold

A new content update has been released for TERA: Rising and it brings 20 vs 20 battlefields into the mix.

Hold onto your butts..

TERA made the jump to Free 2 Play in February and since then things have been a bit quiet. That is, until now.

A new expansion is being released by Gameforge tomorrow and will add a 20 vs 20 battlefield where players can experience multiplayer using siege weapons.

Corsair’s Stronghold pits two groups of 20 against each other with one team acting as a defender, protecting a crystal hidden inside the stronghold and the other is an attacker that obviously has to destroy it, taking down its defenders.

As a Siege team, you can atack the gates, climb over the walls with ladders or use board zeppelins, allowing you to attack from the air. Meanwhile, both defenders and attackers can destroy each other using tanks and cannons.

The battleground is open to players from level 30 upwards and all warriors will be automatically be raised to 60 for the battle if they haven’t achieved that level. The matchmaking system for the Battlefield has been designed to be as quick and painless as possible and makes sure players are always together in a suitable group.

Updates to come will further expand the Political system, as well as guilds being able to join one of three alliances. This will then allow for full on WvW events, as seen in the likes of Guild Wars 2.

The update will be free and be automatically downloaded when you boot up the game.

Good luck out there!


Later this Summer, updates to the Alliance System, eventful in-game festivals and new dungeons will be available as additional content.

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