Dragons Prophet experiences A Shadow from the Past

A new content update has come to Dragon’s Prophet, entitled A Shadow from the Past.

As you might expect, the content relates to events that happened in the past, but will also task players with solving riddles to make progress.

The on-going Open Beta is happening right now and the game has undergone several content updates during that time. Now publisher Infernum are introducing the first in-game event.

As of today, the Ancient Shadow Festival takes effect in remembrance of the great Warthorne. Up until Wednesday July 17th, players can participate in this event and solve a series of riddles and earn recognition in order to learn more about the origins of this historic event.

Then, next week, content patch 1.1 hits and will send players to snowy Wintertide where three dungeons exist. Players will also be able to test out next gameplay features

If that’s not enough, players will also be able to move to their own small island and building up a house, interact with their dragon and develop their character on the road to level 70.

The beta began on 30th May 2013.


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