The King of Fighters XV Season 2 begins January 17, more characters revealed

Season 2 of The King of Fighters XV now has a release date and a bunch of new details.

Beginning January 17, 2023, Shingo Yabuki will be added to the roster along with a ‘character refinement patch for the entire roster’.

According to the press release, Shingo Yabuki is ‘a young man who became empassioned by Kyo Kusanagi’s strength and (it) all but forced him to become his martial arts master.’

We also found out about several more characters being added to the roster in 2023, including Kim Kaphwan, coming this Spring, as well as Sylvie Paula Paula, Najd and two additional fighters coming this Summer.

Season 2 will feature six fighters in total, and it begins with the addition of Yabuki, as well as 15 staff roll songs from other King of Fighters games.

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