Rogue Steel mode added to Severed Steel

An all new mode has been added to Severed Steel as a free content update.

Rogue Steel is now available on consoles having previously released on PC back in October and adds a new game mode, levels and weapons, along with Gyro Support.

Here’s everything you’ll find in the latest update as documented in the recent PR.

  • New game mode, Rogue Steel
  • Gyro controls (Switch, PS4, PS5)
  • 23 new Firefight mutators unlocked through Rogue Steel
  • 6 new weapons
  • 5 new modified enemy types
  • 8 new exclusive Rogue Steel levels
  • New Cannon Mode: Cutting Beam
  • 10 Character skins to unlock in Rogue Mode
  • 15 Cannon skins to unlock in Rogue Mode

The Rogue Steel update is now available for Severed Steel across all formats.

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Jay is a massive football fan - Manchester Utd in case you were wondering - and lover of gaming. He'll play just about anything, but his vice is definitely Ultimate Team.
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