The Monty Mole Collection remixes Spectrum and C64 Classics on Switch

In a release I did not expect to be talking about this month, Monty Mole is making a comeback on Switch next week.

Imagine Software are bringing the definitive Monty Mole experience to Switch in a new collection that features five games in total, including two rare inclusions, including a spin-off.

The collection contains Wanted! Monty Mole, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, and the classic Monty on the Run. Additionally, you’ll get Moley Christmas and Sam Stoat: Safebreaker.

You’ll get Spectrum and C64 versions of the games and there’s filters and save states to make sure you can play the games as intended and make some progress.

There’s even a live rewind feature.

The Monty Mole Collection is strangely available now on the American eShop but releases in the EU on January 8th. It is already available on Steam.

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