Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy remasters DS and 3DS classics for all formats in January 2024

Apollo Justice is back and is coming to every format known to humankind.

Beginning with his first adventure, then spinning off into the Ace Attorney adventures originally on 3DS, the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a really exciting collection indeed.

Bringing together Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, players will finally be able to play these games in new, previously unimaginable ways.

Following the Phoenix Wright Trilogy and The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy remasters these three classic games with HD graphics and lots of bonus extras.

An Orchestra Hall has been added into the game so you can listen to the soundtrack from all three games, along with special orchestral variations to celebrate the franchises’ 15 year anniversary.

You’ve also got an art library filled with original art from all the games and surprisingly an animation studio where you get to create your own scenes in the game with recorded lines and pre-built assets.

There’s lots of quality of life improvements to enhance the game, new localisations, and special DLC only episodes to provide you a total of 16 episodes to work through.

Players dive into the role of rookie attorney, Apollo Justice, mentored by Phoenix Wright, and get to watch his growth and development across a series of bizarre, off the wall cases that feel right at home in this franchise.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy launches on PC, Switch, PS, and Xbox on January 24th.

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