The Witcher is coming to Android as GWENT launches March 24

Geralt of Rivia is finally coming to Android devices with the release of GWENT on March 24.

Previously available for PC and iOS, Android owners will now be able to enjoy this excellent card-battler as well, and the best part is, not a single coin needs to be tossed.

GWENT will be a free download on the Android Store on March 24 and you can Pre-Register interest now so it downloads as soon as it’s available.

It’s also worth doing that because you’ll get an exclusive Imperial Golem avatar added to your collection as soon as you install and log-in on Android.

Reimagined with touch controls, GWENT has you taking turns in a card-battler which really focuses on deck creation and impulse decision-making.

GWENT initially appeared in The Witcher 3 as a fun distraction from the base game but has quickly become a global phenomenon which has its Master eSport series.

With the recent release of Thronebreaker on Switch as well – a standalone single-player story with elements of GWENT in it – the card-battler seems set to have an incredible 2020 ahead.

GWENT arrives on Android devices on March 24.


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