WWE 2K20 gets a dose of Southpaw Regional Wrestling with latest DLC

Venture back to 1987 with the third DLC pack for WWE 2K20 Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Including a retro themed arena, costumes, and props, this is the funkiest looking piece of content yet.

Following Bump in the Night and Wasteland Wanderers, you can pick up the latest content for WWE 2K20 now with 10 new playable stars.

These include Sasha MemoryBanks, Samantha Urai – otherwise known as Kairi Sane – Glam Rocker Johnny Gargano and more.

You’ll also get to fight in an outdoor swimming pool wrestling ring, and take part in a showcase based around Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

Best of all, you can wear leotards, walk around with a casette tape, and even hit people upside the head with a portable keyboard.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is available right now.

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