Tumble VR – Quite an oar deal – Review

Tumble VR isn’t the introduction to VR most might expect, yet it’s one of the finest offerings available to Playstation owners.

A spiritual successor to the 2010 Move launch title, Tumble VR is a simple block-stacking puzzler that rewards patience, skill, and technique, grading you with bronze, silver, and gold medals dependent on how well you perform.

Puzzles vary between building bridges, to high-rise towers, sometimes putting you in time-sensitive situations. You’re thrust into a virtual arena – playspace in front of you – and have to use blocks of various shapes and sizes to fulfil your objectives.


The beauty of Tumble VR is that it’s accessible to everyone. The rules are always straightforward, but the difficulty ramps up at a steady, manageable pace. Never too overwhelming, but never a complete walkover either. It’s the perfect introductory title for anyone to dive into VR and quickly adjust to the environment and understand the benefits.

While you don’t need Move to play, the tracking of the wands tends to offer a more fluid experience than the Dualshock 4 and makes it easier to stack the various shapes. That being said, using the DS4 for rotating a tetronimo is sometimes easier than curving your wrist inward as the in-game motion tracking sometimes goes off script and does occassionally throw up some problems.

Add in an asymmetrical multiplayer mode where one person builds a tower using the VR headset and the other tries to break it down using the TV screen, and the game really fills itself out, though this does feel more like a tech-demo experiment of what can be accomplished using VR.

Best of all, this is the least nauseating game in the launch lineup. If you come away from this feeling overwhelmed and queasy, let’s just say your VR legs need a lot of work.


The understated nature of Tumble means it doesn’t stand out against Playstation VR Worlds, RIGS, or Eve Valkyrie, but at the same price as KISMET, you’re getting much more block for your buck!

VR Level – Introductory

Tumble VR

7 out of 10

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