Warframe gets update 9

Another monster update has come to Warframe just weeks after the last.

Update 9 is now available to celebrate 3 million in-game users and comes with new fixes, content updates and features.

Update 9 builds on the Clan Dojo introduced in Update 8, but adds some new environments, such as homages to the Founders with the first Design Council created Warframe.

The Dojo Improvements are in full. Many fixes have been implemented and clan alliances have been added to allow the alliance to grow exponentially.

NOVA Warframe has also been placed into the update, the first Warframe designed by the community. Also The Design Council, an exclusive forum available to Master and Grand Master founders of Warframe will come to life. The Design Council is provided with decision making power along with the development team and will be the first to receive Warframe information.

As a result of this collaboration between community and developers, this new antimatter-themed Warframe is now available. NOVA brings an innovated set of powers that put an interesting spin on battle.

There are also new Prime weapon blueprints for collectors and these offer Defense, Capture and Mobile Defense mission. The Grineer Galleon will also support Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception and Capture Missions.

Captain Vor has also been re-imagined and the boss battle is now a lot tougher. Captain Vor has new techniques and the sequence is all the more challenging, but beating him will also net players with a new weapon blueprint for a unique pistol.

New weapons also feature. The Grineer Shotgun is a rapid-fire weapon that has reduced damage per shot but has an extra large clip capacity. There’s also Tenno Throwing Stars. The stars do less damage but they have a larger ammo capacity and a higher rate of attack.

There’s also a new lab research weapon called Spectra. This pistol can be researched within the Clan Dojo and it fires off a laser beam highly effective against organic or synthetic enemies. Isaac Clarke got nothing on this…

There are also 14 new Warframe Helmets as part of the series II branding.

Check out this video to see it all in action…


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