Ultra Streetfighter 4 coming as retail & DLC

Because just one form of Streetfighter IV isn’t enough, Ultra Streetfighter IV was announced at EVO 2013.

This update adds new characters, stages, fixes and other content.

This will be a full retail release at $40 but will also be a $15 DLC upgrade to all existing PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

This adds five new characters to the SFIV roster. Hugo, Rolento, Elena, Poison and a mystery character that has never appeared in Streetfighter before.

Has to be Liu Kang, doesn’t it? 😉

What’s more, the update rebalances existing characters. Top players from all over the world were consulted and feedback from the forums was considered. As a result, the characters will play much better. Personalities of each character were considered, and Capcom have chosen to play to those strengths.

Some of the rebalancing updates are detailed by Capcom here

USFIV also adds six new stages, as well as all available costume DLC.

The Update will release early 2014.

Check out the announcement trailer for some major-league HADOUKEN!

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