Watchdogs 2 gets new ending with 1.10 patch update

Ubisoft have released a massive 10GB patch for Watchdogs 2 which, among other things, adds a little tease at the end of the game for future content and potentially a further sequel.

We won’t get into spoiler territory with the update here, but a short conversation at the end offers some co-ordinates which – when typed into Google Maps – direct the user to Brixton, London.

Meaning, if we do get Watch Dogs 3, there’s a chance it’ll be British themed. Which would rock!

We’re seeing something of a new trend with game content receiving updates to tweak content. One only has to look at what’s happening with Final Fantasy XV to see the full extent of that.

Other features in the patch include some new clothing items, as well as fixing bugs and tweaking systems.

What do you think about the games’ ending being changed? Happy? Sad? Altogether indifferent? Shout out down below.

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