Nintendo Switch eShop purchases link to account not console

In a departure from previous systems, journalists and media with early access to Nintendo’s new console have confirmed that all future eShop purchases will tie to your My Nintendo account, not the individual Switch console.

This has been a source of contention for many people as if your console broke or you sold it on, you’d not be able to get your previous purchases. This has also been an issue with people buying eShop games on Wii or DS then not being able to redownload on newer systems, forced to prove you own the games to Nintendo on the phone by offering serial numbers to issue a transfer. It’s clunky and convoluted

Fortunately, Nintendo appears to be listening to their audiences as spotted by an eagle-eyed Twitter user who noticed a disclaimer via an unboxing video which states ‘Your Nintendo Account contains your Nintendo eShop purchase history and current balance.’

While we don’t know the full extent of what this means, potentially if you linked your NNID to a My Nintendo Account then your 3DS and Wii U purchases could be eligible for this. That is if they end up being compatible with Switch.

What it certainly DOES mean is that if you need to delete Switch games to make up room and want to reinstall them at a later point then you can do that on any system you’re signed into, not just the console you originally downloaded the game onto.

We’ve taken this for granted on Xbox and Playstation for years, but it’s something Nintendo have yet to get onboard with. Until now, it seems.

More on Switch as we get closer to launch.



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