World of Warcraft turns 13 and celebrates with new activities

It’s sometimes hard to believe World of Warcraft is still going strong after being on the market for 13 years but there’s plenty of life left in it.

The 13th Anniversary Celebration has begun and will culminate on November 30 with new in-game activities, such as Anniversary gifts and new badges.

Simply log in to get a limited time Anniversary Gift which includes items that boost experience and reputation gains, as well as Timewarped badges to celebrate the festivities.

You can also earn the Timewarped badges by completing dailies which include testing your Warcraft knowledge and beating familiar foes. (Hogger 4 lyfe!)

And if you have a character level 60 or higher, you can go head to head with some major world bosses, such as Lord Kazzak, Azurgegos and the Dragons of Nightmare.

Here’s to 13 more years, WoW, you resilient, glorious game.

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