Moira has joined the Overwatch roster

Genius geneticist, Moira, is now a member of the Overwatch roster from today.

A world-renowned Talon scientist, this support class character has biotic abilities which let her contribute to healing as well as causing damage at any point.


Using Biotic orbs for long-range attacks, Moira can also fade out to escape groups and even remain cloaked to stay close to allies during battle. Biotic Grasp expends biotic energy and can heal allies in front of her. Meanwhile, her right hand fires a long-distance beam weapon that replenishes her biotic energy and weakens an enemy.

Her Coalescence ability also lets Moira save multiple allies from being killed off or it can be used to finish off low health enemies.

Moira joins Ana, Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra and Zenyatta for support class roles and can be played in Overwatch right now!

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