Worms 3 coming to mobile devices this year

Its been a long time since we’ve had a numbered instalment in the Worms franchise but here it is.

Worms 3 is official and is being developed from the ground-up for mobile devices.

The game has been announced for iOS (and will assumedly come to Android/Windows Phone devices at a later date) and it builds on the foundations of the original game. The title has been designed specifically with mobiles in mind.

There will be new weapons and a series of levels set across four themes – Beach, Spooky, Farmyard and Sewer.

Worms are now one of four classes – Soldier, Heavy, Scientist and Scout. Each worm has different skills and abilities. There’ll be pass and play multiplayer, as well as asynchronous online battles. There will also be a singleplayer bodycount mount featuring leaderboards and friend-challenges.

A card system has also been added into the game. This allows players to upgrade abilities and skills of their worms and give them specialist powers so they can obtain the edge in battle.

Worms 3 is expected later this year on iOS. There’s no word on price as yet.

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